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 Johnny Cash was an American Music icon known to the world as the Man in Black.  His voice was surely one of the most recognizable in music history. He  had all the style and rebelliousness of his rock`n' roll contemporaries,  although he never quite sounded like a rocker, he was never what  Nashville fully considered to be country. His deep, resonant baritone  voice and spare, percussive guitar playing made him incredibly  effective at conveying the plight of the common man.

Musical Journey in Time


Band Names:

Jimmie Ray &  Cyndi Cantrell


Black Train


Ring of Fire

"Jackson," One of Jimmie Ray & Cyndi most requested songs and themes. There is always a segment centered around this famous couple.  An excellent choice
for theater type shows. 

The Golden Age of Cash


2018 - Fifty years ago; Johnny & June were married in Kentucky (in a fever) - 2 years later their son John was born. ALSO, 50 years ago Johnny did his historic shows in Folsom and San Quentin Prison - which Jimmie Ray's group will be recreating in September 2018 in the actual San Quentin.

AMERICA - Red, White & Blue


  A popular theme for Corporate and  theater shows, also special events.   This theme can be a few songs to an entire segment which CAN include  the National Anthem, Pledge to the Flag, "Patriotic Man," the ever popular "Ragged Old Flag, and more.   

Many Include Johnny, June and Some Friends


JR Cash had six decades of music fame BUT some of his most influential were the Golden Years of his career.

EACH  of Jmmie Ray & Cyndi's Johnny Cash style shows project Mr. Cash's  Golden Years.  These shows are a true musical journey back in time.  In  MANY ways Jimmie can relate to the late Johnny Cash.  These shows can  include NOT only 'Johnny's' Music but that of MANY of his friends. 

Authentic in Sight, Sound & Spirit



Johnny Cash's music and  legend will surely live on.  Take this Musical Journey Back in Time with Jimmie Ray & Cyndi Cantrell as they visit some of the most awesome times, places, talents and music of the 20th Century American Roots Music - at times including a variety of their own works, such as "Mittie's Song"

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