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Jimmie Ray & Cyndi

offer a variety of shows, including the music (& bantering)  of   Johnny & June and more; some of their friends too. Bringing you what would best suit your needs:

A Tribute to Johnny Cash

A Salute to Johnny  & June

Johnny Cash, the Golden Years
or a custom designed theme.

YOUR success is our goal,  contact us direct  or via your  agent to take a look at the potential.   

Band Names: Jimmy Ray & Cyndi and Ring of Fire and/or Black Train


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Jimmie Ray & Cyndi Cantrell and Black Train Bio

Since 1995 Jimmie Ray and Cyndi have been sharing the most exciting shows of their careers; fitting them to a tee;

All  centered around Salutes and Tributes to the Life and Legend of Johnny Cash & June Carter

Married and singing together since 1995, Jimmie & Cyndi have appeared as a duo, with one of their bands, or as special guest with other great bands, in a variety of venues: Festivals, Fairs, Community Events, Corporate & Private events, Clubs, Casinos Showrooms, Radio, Television, the world famous Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, NASCAR Races, Country Fairs, Starbright Theater for 7 years, an International Webcast via Deep Rock Drive;  and much more.

Jimmie Ray has a background in most areas of Media and Entertainment. Born and raised in the shadows of the Great  Smoky Mountains of  North Carolina, then Arkansas, Tennessee, California, Oregon. Texas and now Nevada; spending years with the railroad; years as a corporate executive; being a published novelist – Mittie’s Song  - a story of one woman’s courage. 

Jimmie's diversified background shines through in his writing, music and performance – audiences know he has been there. He has lead several musical groups over the years; Folk, Rockabilly, Gospel, Bluegrass, American Roots.  He spent five years in the 70's touring with his Gospel Group in 25 states, with over 1,000 appearances. 

Jimmie in so many ways relates with Johnny Cash; this Tribute was created purely from his heart.

Cyndi Cantrell is a California girl with family roots in Louisiana. Being a PK (preachers kid), she was raised on Old Style Country and Country Gospel Music. Cyndi has done everything from a Patsy Cline tribute at the Thomas & Mack for Hellderado Days with an audience of thousands, also Minnie Pear and, Loretta Lynn to duos with Jimmie and working with their various groups over the years.  Cyndi also joins in with her mandolin and harmonica in certain numbers.  She especially enjoys their duets - from Johnny & June to their original music.  In addition to being known for her costume changes, Cyndi has an unbelievable sense of humor, timing, character voices and loves bantering with Jimmie on stage.  She loves to see people laughing, and she makes sure that they do just that.


Cyndi Cantrell says, "A show is only as good as it's cast and we have the best."

THE BEST IN support staff, band members, special guests, alternate, side 

and fill players - varying show to show; depending on need, budget & location:

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