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    MITTIE's Song

    Mittie Cooper was born and raised in the shadows of the Great Smoky Mountains.  At 16 her life was about to change.  This is her story & her song.  A project by Jimmie Ray & Cyndi Cantrell.

    JOHNNY Cash & JUNE

    Jimmie Ray & Cyndi Cantrell have been married, creating & touching hearts as a team  since 1995 with Mittie's Song, Johnny Cash Tributes and  much more

    Better WATER

    Cyndi says, "Better health begins with better water. If we don't filter the water we drink our internal organs will.  Click below for my story and MORE info on a product   I have used for over 25 years."

    Mittie's Song

    The Cantrell's represent 'Grass-Roots-America' in many ways. Visit their Mittie's Song pages, Johnny & June Salute pages and their 'WATER' pages

    Johnny Cash & June Salute

    Jimmie Ray & Cyndi know how to get into the heart of the audience. They give an enthralling performance from start to finish whether it be a Salute to Johnny & June or a production of Mittie's Song.

    Water the way it was meant to be.

    Cyndi and Jimmie's product of choice for over 25 years.

    If you don't know where you're going you might end-up someplace else.

    Welcome to JimmieRayCantrell.com, MittiesSong.com, JohnnyCash.Vegas & JohnnyCashCountry.com